Farm to table with Chef Michael Stadtlander

Last Friday we visited Chef Michael Stadtlander’s Eigensinn Farm in Singhampton. The two hour drive for dinner from Toronto to near Collingwood was fitting with the “foodie pilgrimage” Eigensinn Farm is often called.  I have been to dinner there about 10 years ago, and came away with new perspectives that changed my way thinking about food. I was excited to return with friends and colleagues for another “once in a lifetime experience”.  Michael Stadtlander is a world renowned chef, whose farm-to-table meals truly reflect what it means to be a locavore.  He grows and raises his own ingredients and invites guests to take time and look around the farm. We did just that and saw happily roaming piglets that may be tomorrow’s dinner and a budding spring garden that keeps the kitchen stocked with fresh herbs and vegetables. In his restaurant which is the dining room of his farm house, a group of 14 guests share a meal that Michael prepares using local ingredients and amazing creativity that combines delicious flavours and unique presentations. Nobuyo, his wife serves dinner with gracious hospitality and provides a thoughtful description of each dish in the eight-course meal.  Dining at Eigensinn Farm is a magical experience with the down to earth feeling of eating at a friend’s house, except a world class chef minds the garden, the kitchen and the dining room.  No wonder Chef Michael Stadtlander is named as having one of the best restaurants in Canada, and offering one of the top dining experiences in the world!  For more information visit Eigensinn Farm

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