Men’s health is an emerging issue

men's healthJune is men’s health month and a terrific time to take a look at what we can do to encourage men to take care of their bodies. “Let’s keep it simple” says the just launched Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF). Dietitians of Canada also encourages men to “take a look at their eating habits” and make one positive change this week.  Here are our top 5 simple tips to help you embrace men’s health:

1. Shop for food with confidence

Men are shopping for food more than ever and grocery shopping is now viewed as a shared family responsibility. Surveys show that men are less likely to make a detailed shopping list, but more likely than women to plan meals for the week ahead.
TIP: When shopping for food look for more vegetables  – fresh, frozen or canned, whatever works is fine.

2. Get cooking

Michael Pollan says, cooking requires 3 P’s: Preparation, Practice, and Presence. Some men have their 3 P’s sorted out and are confident cooks while others are more timid in the kitchen. Whatever their level of cooking skills, encourage men to embrace the creativity and fun that comes with making meals.
TIP: Get curious and find out about the leaner cuts of meat, read or watch a clip about how to cook a variety of vegetables and whole grains.

3. Make healthy choices eating in and out

Food is the fuel our bodies need for active living. Choosing the best quality fuel for men’s bodies can help fight disease and keep bodies looking and running longer. The Academy of Nutrition confirms “How a man eats throughout his life can help predict how well (or not) he ages.”
TIP: Check out Canada’s Food Guide for nutritious food choices that make every bite count. When eating out boost your nutrient intake by choosing foods that are prepared with less fat, sugar and salt.

4. Rethink your drinks

There are so many beverage choices available that most people enjoy quite a variety. Calories from beverages can add up quickly so the simplest way to keep well hydrated is to drink water, and be mindful of other choices.
TIP: Enjoy water with your meals and drink more water throughout the day during warm weather or when active.  Choose water, lower fat milk and fruit juices without added sugar. If you choose to drink alcohol remember your limits. Canada’s the LOW RISK alcohol drinking guidelines for men suggest no more than 3 alcoholic drinks a day most days, and no more than 15 alcoholic drinks a week. Plan non-drinking days every week to avoid developing a habit.

5. Stay active

Health Canada recommends 30 to 60 minutes of moderate activity every day. Moderate activity means that the heart rate will increase a bit without making the person breathless. Examples include walking at a brisk pace, swimming, dancing, cycling, gardening, and playing golf.
TIP:  Get moving every day as a simple step towards better health.

Men’s health is a wonderful opportunity for innovation and stakeholder partnership which can help make a difference.  Reach out to find out what you can do!

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