Five key trends of food innovation (IFT 2014)

IFT cropped 2014-07-15_13-34-43Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) 2014 Annual Meeting attracted more than 16,400 food professionals from around the world to learn, exchange ideas and knowledge. There is much to share on the latest developments and trends in food science and as a glimpse we offer you IFT’s five key trends expected to have major  impact on the food industry and added our builds for context.
1.  Protein is the next nutrient trend following Fat and Carbs. Protein helps build and repair body tissues, muscles and is a component of protective antibodies. Protein also plays a role in helping people feel full longer. With all these important attributes the quantity and quality of protein in our foods and beverages matters!
2.  Spices & heat are increasing in popularity. Food makers use a wide range of spices to infuse flavour and enhance consumer appeal. Top spice trend mentions include adobo, anise, cumin, coriander, chili peppers, paprika and turmeric.
3. Natural colors are sought after ingredients that add vibrancy and appeal without artificial dyes and colors. Examples include a variety of fruit and vegetable extracts that are stable in different food applications and are eye-catching to consumers.
4. Fats & oils are key food ingredients that add flavour and texture. Choosing healthier fats improves the nutritional profile of foods and results in the creation of tasty and ‘better for you’ options that consumers want.
5. Clean label generally means a food ingredient label that is simple, easily understood or sounds familiar. The consumer’s quest for ‘clean label’ continues to spark innovations in ingredients and food safety to support product re-formulations that allow for the removal of chemical sounding ingredients.

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